Learn the secrets of sourcing in China to
Build a profitable 
amazon business in 2019
Get A Step-By-Step System To Find The Most Reliable Suppliers And Get The Best Possible Prices
If You've Dealt With Chinese Suppliers Before, You Know How Difficult It Is To Get The lowest Price For Your Product.

More Difficult Still, Is Making Absolutely Sure That A Supplier Doesn't End Up Costing Your Business Money.
Introducing Sourcing Warrior
Sourcing Warrior Is A Comprehensive Training Program To Help You Successfully Source Your Products From China.

It Combines Powerful Strategies And Step-By-Step Video Tutorials To Show You Exactly How To Source From Reliable Suppliers, At The Lowest Possible Price.
Take A Look 
Click the play button to see what's inside the course!
Take A Look 
Click the play button to see what's inside the course!
Sourcing Warrior Will Help You...
Save Time And Money
Learn How To Source Products From An Experienced Sourcing Professional. Learn In Just A Few Days, What It Takes Other Sellers Years Of Trial And Error To Learn.
Minimize Risk
Reduce The Number Of Problems You'll Face From Sourcing Products In China. Avoid Common Pitfalls That Could Potentially Cost Your Business Money.
Protect Yourself
Qualify Your Supplier Before You Start Sourcing Your Products From China. Know How To Protect Your Investment And Make Sure You Source Quality Products.
What You Will Learn...
Understanding Chinese Culture
Learn How Business Is Conducted In China And How To Deal With The Cultural Issues That Arise When Working With Chinese Partners.
Using Sourcing Terms Correctly
Understand How To Communicate With Chinese Suppliers With The Technical Language Needed To Organize Shipping Arrangements.
Negotiating With Chinese Suppliers
Learn The Techniques Needed To Get The Lowest Possible Prices From Suppliers. Get An Increase In Your Profit Margins To Help You Build A Sustainable Business.
Making Sure Your Supplier Is Legit
Know How To Perform Due Dilligence To Find Trustworthy Suppliers. Make Sure You Transfer Money Safely And Protect Your Business Capital.
Using Essential Sourcing Tools
Get Comfortable Using A Variety Of Different Tools To Help You Source Your Products. Have Everything You Need To Start Sourcing Products From China Immediately.
And Much More...!
  • ​How To Plan An Inventory
  • ​How To Make A Purchase Order
  • ​How To Carry Out A Quality Inspection Of Your Goods
  • ​How To Ship Your Goods From China To Amazon
  • ​How To Protect Your IP
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About The Instructor:
Hi! I'm Yuping
I’ve been sourcing products from suppliers in China for over 20 years. It’s truly my honor to share my experience with you. I wanted to create a course that contains everything I know to empower you become the CEO of your own business.

When I started sourcing products for US companies, I saw so many problems in their supply chain management. I saw how much money was lost when products were not sourced correctly and thought a lot about how much value was lost. 

I started to solve these problems for the companies I worked for, and they started to pay me a lot of money! When you start sourcing products for your Amazon FBA business, you will need to deal with real people and meet real business challenges. 

It’s my job to teach you exactly what works and what doesn’t. So, I created a proven system for sourcing products from China to sell under your own private label on Amazon. 

Once you learn these skills the sky’s the limit for how much money you can make. 

I wish you good luck! 
What You Will Find Inside The Course
Powerful Training Videos & Sourcing Tools To Help You Find PROFIT And Succeed In Sourcing!
Get The Best Prices
Get the best prices from the get go - start the race with the advantage!
Valued at $297
  • ​Professional Product Quote Template 
  • ​Professional Shipping Quote Template
  • ​RFQ Template Pre-Formatted to Help You Figure Out Your Landed Costs Quickly (Don’t Make Mistake On Your Margin!)
  • ​Detailed Training Videos On Each Quote Template So You Learn Exactly How To Get The Best Quotes
Negotiate To Win
It's time to take control of the conversation and negotiate like a real Pro!
Valued at $497
  • ​20+ Pages Golden Negotiation Techniques & Strategies Condensed From 20 Years Of Negotiation Experience 
  • ​Step By Step, the Training Videos Will Teach You Each Negotiation Technique And How To Apply It
  • ​Get The Exact Script On “How To Negotiate A LOW MOQ”, “How To Push Back Price Increases”, “How To Negotiate A New Product Price”
Qualify The Best Supplier
Validate the supplier before transferring any money for down payment. 
Valued at $297
  • ​Quickly Size Up The Supplier  – Is It A Trading Company? Is It A Good Supplier To Work With?
  • ​The Detailed Factory Audit Questionnaire Provides You With All The Questions You Need To Ask To Validate The Supplier 
  • ​Detailed Training Videos Also Teach You Exactly WHY You Need To Ask Those Audit Questions 
Master Inventory Planning 
Running Out of Stock or Buying Too Much inventory Is Very COSTLY Either Way. 
Valued at $497
  • ​This Module Will Give You an Eye-Opening Experience On Inventory Planning - How To Best Use Your Cash
  • ​From Concept to Application, Step By Step, You Will Learn How To Plan Inventory: To Minimize Your Risks Of Running Out of Stock or Over Ordering Products
  • ​The Interactive Inventory Simulator Makes It Fun For You To Practice Your Own Product Planning So You Can Master Inventory Planning 
Purchase Orders: Product & Tooling
Be sure to have protective terms & conditions in your PO before making commitment to your supplier.
Valued at $497
  • ​It Is Not a 30-page Contract that your supplier doesn't understand. The POs In the Course Are Very Concise and Professional, Written in Both English & Chinese
  • ​The Highly Detailed Terms & Conditions Minimize Your Risk And Protect Your Investment In Products and Tooling 
  • ​The Detailed Training Videos Will Teach You Why Each Term & Condition Is Required In Case Something Goes Wrong 
Quality Control 
Control quality from Sample to Final Product delivery. Take control of the entire quality and Inspection process
Valued at $297
  •  The Exhaustive List Of Inspection Questions Get You Covered To Inspect Your Sample and Final Product
  • ​Root Cause Analysis Will Help You Understand The Source of The Problem So You Can Request Your Supplier To Fix The Problem Once For All
  • ​AQL Explanation Will Help You Understand The Rules the Inspection Agency Uses - So You Can Decide If You Need To Take Their Recommendation - It Is Your Money!
Shipping Steps
Shipping steps, shipping terms and hidden shipping problems.
Valued at $297
  • ​The Exact Steps You Need to Follow to Ship From Supplier Factory to Your Destination Country
  • ​Commercial Invoice and Packing List: What Is The Right Way To Prepare Those Documentation To Make Sure Your Import Document Is Correct?
  •  Learn the Ins & Outs of Shipping Because There Are A Lot of Money Hidden In The Process
NNN Agreement
The more successful you are, the more you need to protect the business from potential IP risk.
Valued at $497
  • ​This Non Disclosure, Non Compete & Non Circumvention Agreements Is Designed To Protect Your Business From Risking Patents & Trademarks
  • ​The Agreement is drafted in Both Chinese & English
  • ​The Act Of Asking The Supplier To Sign This NNN Agreement Will Signal The Supplier That You Are Serious About Protecting Your IP!
You Get it Today For A Single Payment Of:
My Guarantee to You
I hold myself to the highest standard of honesty and integrity. If you could find the same or better quality of material elsewhere, just let me know I will be happy to give you a full refund. You deserve to learn from the best.

The creator of the Product, Yuping Wang, is not a licensed practicing attorney in the United States of America. Contents provided in the Product, is based on Yuping Wang’s working experience in supply chain management in the U.S.A and her prior working experience in China as a practicing attorney in Beijing, China.

The Product offered by Yuping Wang, sold through Goodlife Warrior, LLC, is intended to convey practical business practice information only and not to provide legal advice. Customer is responsible for performing its own due diligence and evaluation before making buying decisions. Yuping Wang and Goodlife Warrior, LLC are not liable for Customer’s decision to buy the Product and the results of using the Product. See our Terms of Service for full disclaimer of liability and other restrictions.

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